7 Tips On Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy in the Monsoon

7 Tips On Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy in the Monsoon

The monsoon season is a beautiful time. The greenery is a treat to the eyes, and the showers provide a much-awaited relief after the unforgiving summer heat. Gulping chai and pakoras and curling up with your favourite book and a cup of coffee are the ultimate rain-day activities for us humans.

In the same way, your furry friends love some monsoon games too! Playing in the rain is their favourite activity, and they love to shake the water off their bodies. Unfortunately, with great fun come greater concerns. And bacteria. The monsoons mean skin infections, allergies and water-borne diseases for your dogs.

However, being mindful of a few dog health tips will make you a rockstar pet parent.

1 Clean and dry is the way to be

While we can stop our dogs from playing in the rain and splashing about during their walks, we should ensure to bathe them with warm water after the party is over. Your dog’s wet fur is the most comfortable place for bacteria and microorganisms to reproduce. Therefore, ensure that you clean and groom your dog regularly, especially in the monsoon. Another tip for how to groom your dog at home is to dry them with a towel after every walk, even if it's not raining. Keep their beds and crates dry, clean and warm throughout. 

2 Pay extra attention to the paw care

There’s a popular belief in the paw world: “Don’t be afraid to get your paws dirty. Cleaning them is your human's job.” To all dog parents: applying a thin coat of paw butter before walking them is a good dog health tip. The paws inevitably pick up dirt or debris from the ground. Clean the paws with antiseptic or warm water after every walk. Check for cuts and bruises post the session and ensure that no wounds go unnoticed and untreated. Make sure that you also trim the fur around the paw.

3 Check the calendar for deworming, vaccination, and grooming

Parasites are the cause of various illnesses for your pooch. Stomach worms can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and other serious intestinal blockages. Reduce the scope of causing your dog any pain by regularly deworming them during and before the monsoons.  Increase the frequency of nail clipping, dental cleaning, brushing and ear cleaning for a fit, well-groomed, healthy dog. Trim the fur before microorganisms find a way to irritate your four-legged companion.

Consult with the vet regarding the vaccination schedule. The severity of any illness can be drastically reduced with timely vaccination. 

4 Strict 'boiled water only' policy

Yes, clean water is a must on all days of the year. But, monsoons require special care as the chances of water-borne diseases increase drastically. Keep clean boiled drinking water accessible to your pooch 24x7. 

5 Steer clear of tick-infested areas

One in three dogs suffers from tick fever every monsoon as the weather becomes more humid and wet. Keep your dog healthy and safe from ticks, fleas and other pests. Check their tummies, private parts, eyes, ears and coats for ticks and fleas. Invest in good tick collars and spot-on tick repellents to protect your dog. 

6 Fibre and more fibre 

Exercising the dog may inevitably reduce during the monsoons. Accommodate this change by improving the diet consumed by your pooch. A dog health tips for the ages is to add generous amounts of fibre, protein and nutrition to your furball's diet. Remember to exercise your active woofers indoors for a thoroughly entertained, healthy dog.

7 Create a safe space

It is very natural for your baby dog to be scared of the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning. We understand your natural urge to snuggle up to the fur baby, but the larger objective should be to make your doggy comfortable with these phenomena. Control your reaction and indulge in regular fun activities your dog enjoys, like playing indoor games! The toys at The Wag are so irresistibly captivating that your dog will love playing indoors just as much.

Protective rain gear is the simplest solution to save your pooch from rainy day troubles. Use Dog raincoats, boots, and tick collars and spare your dogs from the hassles of a rainy day. However, keep an eye out for prolonged abnormal behaviours and reactions.

Provide your pooch with the care they deserve this monsoon. There is nothing more we despise than seeing a furry baby in distress. The products at Wag have been carefully curated to ensure you and your dog have a happy monsoon! Check out the best products and healthy dog treats at Wag. Would you believe us when we say we offer same-day delivery in Hyderabad? Our love for pooches drives us to deliver to you on the same day. Save your pooch the trouble of venturing out in the rainy weather and order same-day delivery in Hyderabad, and express delivery everywhere else in India!

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