Best Dog Food For Labs

Best Dog Food For Labs 2023

Dogs are kind, sweet, lovely, loyal, and a human’s best friend. A fluffy and quirky labrador can make your life a lot more joyous and meaningful. Dogs can show their love in many ways – a wet-nosed kiss, a pure lick, or a snuggle on the couch. As pet parents, we can also show love in many different ways but choosing the right food always comes at the top.

Since your furry friend has different nutritional and calorie requirements, picking the best dog food for labs won’t be easy. Their nutrient intake might change over the course of their lives so let’s have a look at how to determine the nutritional needs of your labrador.

Nutritional Needs of Labs

Knowing the right balance of nutrition (protein, fat, fibre, etc.) for your lab’s needs is a crucial task. Why? Because dogs require a wide range of nutrients in diverse quantities. However, the nutritional needs of most dogs are similar. Evidently, dog food should include fat, protein, fibre, and other nutrients. The common ingredients included in dog food are: 

  • Fish - provides both calcium and protein.
  • Fats and oils - A source of vitamins for labradors. It also offers the energy that your dog needs to survive.
  • Cereals - include basic carbohydrates such as grain, rice bran, and beet pulp.
  • Healthy fats - Ensures the proper cell functioning to improve your dog’s coat. 
  • Fibre - Helps maintain the digestive system of your dog and prevents gland disease.

According to a scientific study, it is revealed that an average dog’s daily diet can contain up to 50% of carbohydrates, which includes 2.5 - 4.5% fibre. Additionally, 10% of the diet should come from proteins and 5.5% from fats. 

Still struggling to find the best dog food for labradors in India, we’ve curated a list of some finest foods, stride along to find out. 

Best Dog food For Labrador In India 

Though there are plenty of dog food options, only a handful of them meet the essential requirements. Therefore, we have brought you a list of some of the best food for your labrador, both dry and wet food. 

Super Coat Adult Chicken 

Who doesn’t want their dog to have strong muscles? Supercoat Adult Chicken is developed specifically for the strong muscles of your labrador. This is the best dog food for labrador dogs as it contains premium quality natural ingredients to improve your dog’s physical health. Adult Chicken from Super Coat contains minerals, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants to enhance your dog’s immunity. The natural fibre present will keep his digestive system healthy, and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids will help develop healthy skin and a soft coat. These ingredients make this product the best dog food for labradors in India. 

You will love this product because 

  • It is developed by Nestle Purina, experts in pet nutrition 
  • Contains 23% protein and 10% fat 
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, and protein 
  • Offers a delicious taste 

Price:  Rs 830.00

Farmina N&D Low Grain Mini Breed Adult Dry Dog Food - Chicken & Pomegranate

As the name suggests, this food is best suitable for adult dogs. To keep your dog healthy and fulfil all his nutrient needs, this chicken and pomegranate food is perfect. Get this dry food for your dog as 90% of the food’s protein is obtained from animal ingredients. Pomegranate has antioxidant properties, potassium and phosphorus prevent obesity. The food package contains oats, fruits, vegetables, and chicken. It doesn’t have any artificial preservatives and thereby is the best dog food for labrador. 

You will love this product because

  • It contains the natural goodness of chicken and fruits 
  • Ingredients are obtained from animal origin. 
  • High in protein making bones stronger
  • Prevents obesity and diabetes

Price:  Rs 1,890.00

Royal Canin Labrador Adult 3Kg

Are you a parent to 8 weeks to 15 months old labrador? Then, this dog food is best for your furry friend. Prepared exclusively for pure breed labrador retriever puppies, Royal Canin Labrador (adult) will keep your pet healthy and energetic. From the age of 8 weeks to 15 months labs are prone to gain weight excessively, and thus are more susceptible to deformities. This is why feeding them with food that meets their nutritional requirements is vital. Royal Canin Labrador Adult is tailored and prepared to cater to their nutritional needs and is therefore the best dog food for labs.  

You will love this product because

  • Good for the weight management of your dog
  • Contains top-quality protein 
  • Contains minerals that promote good bone structure 


Price:  2230.00

Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food

Your labrador needs a diet that is balanced in nutrients and is rich in proteins. Not only is protein-rich food beneficial for their health but also enhances their mood. That’s where Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food comes into the frame. In Orijen, Six Fish Dry Dog Food, two-thirds of the ingredients are raw, fresh, and brimmed with meat, organs, and wild-caught fish. With such rich ingredients, evidently, this is the best dog food for labs. Also, it contains freeze-dried liver. 

You will love this product because

  • Biologically appropriate 
  • 85% quality animal ingredients 
  • Rich in protein 
  • Fish ingredients are FRESH and RAW 

Price: Rs 2599.00

Above mentioned are some of the best dog foods. Yet while purchasing, do not forget to check certain factors like weight, age, and nutritional requirements. Ensure that the food matches the nutritional requirement of your dog. Feeding nutritious food to your pet will nurture great physical health, and a smooth coat, and also keep them happy. 

Remember that compromising the quality of dog food can deteriorate your pet’s health. 

Feed your dog rich quality food and watch them grow into your awesome buddy! Visit our site right away to grab the best dog food.  

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