Training Toys for Dogs Who Want To Be Best Boys!

Training Toys for Dogs Who Want To Be Best Boys!

If this is your first time raising a dog in your household, then congratulations! Becoming a dog parent is hugely rewarding because the love you give is returned tenfold. All you have to do is spend time bonding with your pet, keep them engaged, and mold them as a part of your family. Training your dog for the first time can of course be a challenge initially. But worry not - we’ve got you covered! Dog Training Toys are efficient, effective, and super easy to work with. Get your happy little furred-buddy learning in no time with our comprehensive list of dog training toys:

What are the different types of Dog training toys?

Dog training toys are categorized according to the purpose they’re built for.

  1. Treat dispensing toys: These toys cater to your house wolf’s hunting instinct, making them work for rewarding meal times
  2. Chewables: Distractions for teething puppers and angsty doggos to sink their jaws into, without tearing apart the couch.
  3. Entertainment and intellectual stimulation: This set of training toys are meant to sharpen your dog’s senses with an all-around sensory experience of sounds, smells, and tastes. Think of it like a canine version of 360-degree, surround sound, 3-D experiences.

Our top recommendations  for dog training toys:

Trixie Push-to-mute Rugby on a Rope:

This combination of satisfyingly chewy texture and audio cues is a fantastic toy for training dogs of all ages. Sharpens their instincts and keeps their gums and teeth healthy too.

Trixie Dog Activity Slide Feed Strategy Game:

As your puppy matures into adolescence, make their meal times more engaging with this handy training aid. Nutrition and entertainment - Like dinner and a movie!

Choostix Biscuits:

Treats are a must for training. We’re adding this to our list because rewards are what your dog will look forward to, every training session. These chewy dry treats are a fancier delicacy for dogs - save them for days they’ve been very, very good boys

Trixie Junior Rustling Branch

A little taste of the outdoors for some indoor house training. Let your canine friend get used to your work-from-home life with this exciting natural rubber make-believe

Trixie Snack Ball

Dog training toys with in-built feeding mechanisms will always be a hit. This one makes for a quieter, less bouncy play time - for when you need to teach your dog to be calmer. Let them chew and fiddle silently and work their way through the treats stuffed inside.

Trixie Hedgehog

Squeeze toys with beepers are fantastic training aids for testing how well your dog responds to you. And it’s so much fun to throw around and fetch. Pro-tip: Try playing fetch in different locations so your dog responds across different environments

Aside from dog training toys, hand-held audio devices like our Trixie Clicker can be really helpful in the initial phases of dog training. Time the clicking sound with your commands until your dog gets accustomed to responding to just your voice.


These Dog training toys listed above are fun for both the dog and the owner. Being a dog-lover is all about adventure and a sense of fun. You’re on a journey that’s filled with unbridled joy. Because that’s what doggos are best at - and it’s priceless.

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