How to Bathe a Dog the Right Way

How to Bathe a Dog the Right Way

Does your dog shy away from taking a bath? If yes, you have a lot of work cut out for you. If you are wondering why is it important to give your dog regular baths, you must understand that it is an important part of your happy pet's good hygiene and grooming regimen. 

Regular bathing not only gets your pet rid of visible dirt on its coat but also keeps it free from parasites. Dogs love romping in natural environments, you cannot stop your furry friend to have some fun. At the same time, as a responsible pet parent, you need to ensure their good hygiene and bathing is one of the ways to ensure the same. Depending on the fur, breed, and environment, the frequency of your pet's bathing is determined. If your pet is uncomfortable with your grooming regimen, here are a few ways to make pet baths stress-free and a pleasant experience for them. 

Where to Bathe Your Pet? Tub/Bathroom or Open Yard?

Although many pet parents bathe their dogs in a bathroom but bathing them in a yard or an open area is a safer option. Have a look at a few reasons why the yard is a better choice for bathing your pets.

Avoid Slips and Falls. Bathrooms tend to be slippery due to the mix of soap and water. Your pet might panic on such slippery surfaces and may hurt itself. Banging against hard surfaces and corners like the bathroom sink, ceramic sink, etc., may result in an injury. Be ready with a dog bathing kit and get going as your dog settles down. 

Enclosed Spaces Are Stressful for the Pet. As discussed above, enclosed and slippery surfaces may result in your pet panicking and thrashing to get away. An open-air environment, on the other hand, gives them good traction, happy memories of playing around, natural lighting, etc., that will help them calm down and enjoy a good lather on their bodies. Use high-quality dog bathing shampoo to help clean their coats nicely. 

No More Hair Gathering in the Drain. When bathing your furry friend in the bathroom, it is common to see fur slips getting accumulated at the drain catch but many times, the fur slips get past the drain cover resulting in clogging. Bathing them outside can help you get rid of this problem. 

Choose the Hygienic Option. If you bathe your dog only when it is too dirty or when it needs a medicated bath, it is better to bathe it outside instead of in your bathroom to avoid contamination of any sort.

All these reasons clearly prove that bathing your pets in a yard is undoubtedly a better idea than in a confined space like a bathroom. 

How often should you bathe your dog? 

Just like us, our pets also need a regular bath. The only difference is that they do not need a bath every day. Bathing them too often may strip off the natural oils in their skin, leaving it damaged. The natural oils in their skin keep their fur smoother and shinier. Once in a while, you can also go for a dry bath for dogs. 

The frequency of bathing them largely depends on their activity level, age, skin type, and breed. If you are not sure about it, it is always better to consult your vet. Usually, puppies require bathing at least once a month. If your pup enjoys being indoors, you can reduce the frequency of bathing. In case, your pet is not too inclined to self-grooming, you may need to bathe it often. 

What You Will Need to Bathe Them?

Having decided to bathe your pet, you need to gather proper bath supplies to make the experience enjoyable for your pet and less taxing on you. Wear casual, comfy clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Here are a few supplies that you would need.

1 Absorbent Towels

Choose thick, absorbent towels to scrub clean your pet after a proper bath. Carry an extra towel for your pet to stand on after the bath while it is still wet. 

2 Shampoo

Use good-quality shampoo for your pets. Ensure that the product you use to shampoo a dog is free from harmful chemicals. 

3 Toys

Carry your pet's favorite toys so that it is busy playing while you give them a proper scrubbing. Toys will keep him distracted and in a playful mood. 

Tether. If your pet gets too restless during a bath, it is important to use a tether to restrain him. It will help you to bathe him properly. Use a pet bath brush as per your pet's coat and breed type.

How to bathe your dog? 

When bathing your dog, do check water temperature first. Make sure that it is lukewarm. When bathing him, ensure that your dog's coat is completely saturated which is challenging in the case of pets with water-resistant or thicker coats. 

Next, lather your pet with shampoo. Avoid lathering on sensitive areas like the face, eyes, and inside the ears. Massage your dog gently and make it pleasant for him. Rinse him thoroughly with water after allowing shampoo to sit on your dog's coat for a while. 


Hope the tips mentioned above will help you bathe your pet while ensuring its safety. If you wish to know more about your pet's grooming, read informative blogs at Wag, a remarkable online store where you can buy all pet essentials at amazing prices. Order now!

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