How to Clean And Treat Dog Wounds Effectively At Home - Quick Tips

How to Clean And Treat Dog Wounds Effectively At Home - Quick Tips

D.O.G - This three-letter word never fails to work its charm. The world is full of cynophiles; in fact, the ones who claim that they don’t like dogs gradually turn out to be their secret admirers! Indeed, life becomes even more beautiful when you have a pet - a DOG! These woofing little creatures are said to be the most loyal and quirky ones. If you are a pet parent, you know that as innocent as a dog’s face is, they are fierce and naughty! Even after training them well, at times, they might wander around and can suffer injuries. Thus you should know how to clean dog wounds at home.  

It is said that a dog speaks, but only to those who understand the language of love!

Evidently, being a pet parent, you can feel their pain, and giving them first aid is your first responsibility! There are several wounds that can be treated at home, and others need a vet. For instance, if your dog or puppy has punctures or cuts deeper than an inch, seeking expert advice and professional treatment becomes crucial. Regardless, just like a human first aid kit, you should always have a first aid kit for dogs so that you can at least treat them with the best available dog wound care! Not sure what to include in the first aid kit? Plunge to this blog to find out!

Get The Pet First Aid Kit

Are you a new pet parent? Then you must always be prepared for a few things such as dog food, treats, toys, accessories, bed covers, and most importantly, a first aid kit for them! Though they can not speak like us humans, they still feel equal pain. As a matter of fact, dogs are said to be the most loving creatures. Although it needs no proof, yet while scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed, you might come across many stories proving a dog’s love for the parent and its loyalty.  Speaking of their loyalty, even pet parents need to understand them and should be aware of how to treat a dog. Only then does it form a lasting and beautiful relationship. Therefore, you should have a pet first aid kit ready for the run! 

Supplies to include in a first aid kit: - 

  • Electric clippers (you can use scissors or disposable razors, but only if you can handle them with care)  
  • Water-based lubricant
  • Clean paper or cloth towels 
  • Antiseptic solution (like 2% chlorhexidine)
  • Antimicrobial ointment
  • Sterile bandages
  • Cleansing solution suitable for pets
  • Elastic wrapping
  • Tweezers
  • Spray bottle
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Extra Leash, Collar, & Dog waste disposal Bags

The above-mentioned are some of the dog wound care products that you must have in the first aid kit. Apart from these, make sure that your dog’s vaccination papers and medical records are also in the kit in case your pet suffers from a serious injury. 

How To Clean and Treat Dog Wounds Fast? Step-by-step Process

Now that you know the products of dog wound care let's move to the most-awaited question - how to clean a dog wound and how to treat a dog wound.  

1 Control bleeding

If you want to know how to clean a dog wound, the first step is to stop the bleeding. In case your pup or dog has suffered a cut, it is essential to stop the bleeding and disinfect the wound immediately. For this, prepare a table or counter if you are treating a puppy or spread a towel on the ground for grown-up dogs. Then help your dog to calm down and ensure that it stays still. In case the dog is in too much pain, keeping it still will be an issue. In such a case, you can use a muzzle. Once it is in place, clip the hair around the wound. And stop the bleeding using a clean and wet towel.  

2 Clean wounds

Once the bleeding stops, the next step for how to treat a dog wound is – cleaning. After clipping the hair around the wound, apply water-based lubricant on and around the wound. Applying it will decrease the chances of further contamination and will also assist in the easy removal of hair. Then use electric clippers to shave the hair on the wound and in the surrounding area. In case you don’t have electric clippers, you can also use scissors or a razor (but you need to be extra careful with these tools). Thereafter, wipe away the lubricant along with hair debris using a dry paper or cloth towel (ensure light pressure as the dog is in pain). 

3 Treat wounds

Similar to treating a human wound, dog wound care also involves treating the wound. This step is essential in how to treat a dog wound. Once the wound is clean and all the hair is removed, it is time to treat it (you can directly skip to this step in case the wound area has no hair). Dip a clean towel in lukewarm water and dab the wound to sanitize it. Next, apply an antiseptic solution to the wound or antibiotic powder for dog wounds.  

4 Stop them from licking 

After the wound is treated, this next step is the most crucial one. How to treat a dog wound - the answer to this question is only completed when you prevent your dog from licking the wound for at least 10 minutes or more. If it licks the wound, the dog will ingest the antibiotic powder for dog wounds which can further lead to diseases. Moreover, licking the wound can also lead to contamination and irritation. 

Tip: Clean the wound thrice a day. Wipe off the antibiotic powder for dog wounds, clean the area, and reapply it. 

Signs When You Should Take Your Dog To Vet

From the above-mentioned steps, it is pretty clear how to treat a dog wound at home. Yet there are times when the wound is deep or severe and needs expert assistance. For instance, if the wound is deeper than an inch, it is necessary to take the dog to a vet. Apart from this, punctures and bite wounds should also be treated by a licensed VET only! 

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