Collection: Dog Food

Dry food looks like a biscuit or kibble and comes in bags of varying sizes. It does contain water, usually up to about 11%, which is added into the mix of ingredients to make a dough, rather like bread-making. Dry foods can be complete or complementary. The complete food is one which provides all the nutrients your pet will need. A complementary food needs to be fed alongside something else – for example, a mixer biscuit, which needs to be fed alongside some wet food.Most dry food has more carbohydrate in it and this will usually be provided by cereals such as wheat, corn (or maize) or barley. Often they will appear as the first ingredient on a dry pet food packet, meaning that this is the ingredient which weighs the most. In dry food, carbohydrate helps to hold the kibble together (again it’s likened to bread or biscuits) and gives it structure and texture.