Collection: Health & Hygiene

Training a puppy or a new dog needs time and patience. As your dog learns to respect boundaries and behave properly in social situations, other dogs will be more comfortable around him/her. Till then our range of products will help you out. Our training products not just make your life easier but gives you a lot of convenience. From puppy pads to chew stop spray we’ve got you covered throughout your canine’s life. One of the most important requirements for a harmonious co-existence with a puppy is house training it. For this training, you need a place where your dog is allowed to pee and poo and that you can reach almost instantly. This can be a garden or outside. If nothing of the kind is available, you can use a puppy toilet in your home. The basic rule is: Take your puppy there after sleeping, feeding and playing, and wait patiently until it has relieved itself. Do not forget to praise the little guy for this. That way, your puppy learns in a much better way than if you punish it for peeing or pooping in places where this is not wanted. Should things go wrong, a urine stain remover comes in handy. Stains and smells are removed biologically and vanish completely.