Collection: Dog Toys

"Most dogs have lots of toys. Unfortunately, unless used correctly more behaviour problems are due to incorrect use of toys than any other single factor. We can divide toys in 3 main groups as follows: 1. Chasing toys - Ball, Frisbee, Kong, etc. These activate the dog’s natural desire to chase after moving prey. The fact that the dog may not pick the thrown article up and return with it is immaterial as long as it wants to chase after the toy when it is thrown. 2. Killing toys - Squeaky toys, rag to shake, etc. These toys exploit a dog’s killing instinct and the dog will bite and shake the toy with excitement, and lose interest after it is ‘dead’, ie., the squeaker stops working. 3. Possession toys - Rubber ring, pull rope, etc. The dog uses these to play games of strength, dominance and possession."